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Fuelling Airbus for K+N

The art of development is always at the forefront of Trifibre’s sales & marketing approach – new concepts, new markets and new techniques.
However, sometimes development also means the evolution of existing products by improved design or new materials. One such case was a recent project with K+N who are one of the preferred logistic suppliers for Airbus Industries.
Using established technology of HDPE cases, a dedicated transit case was devised for carrying critical fuel system components between the manufacturer and Airbus assembly.
The case shown was of a two tier construction with precision machined foam inserts. Each part was to be identified by a Traffolyte engraved part number label. This type of lightweight case, with bespoke machined inserts, lends itself to many different types of returnable transit packaging for manufacturing industry.
For returnable transit solutions please contact us.

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CNC Precision Foam for Rolls Royce

CNC Precision Foam for Rolls Royce

Trifibre received an urgent commission from Scott Aerospace of Bristol, to produce a new design of protective engine covers for the manufacture of the Rolls Royce Trent 700 jet engine.

Scott Aerospace project manager, Scott McPherson worked closely with the foam division of Trifibre to jointly develop this new unique design, which is an ultra-light weight unit, CNC machined to precision tolerances. At 2,430mm in diameter, it is currently one of the largest parts to be produced in house.

The protective engine cover is used during the final manufacturing stage of the Trent Engine where the fan track in the engine fan case is machined. The protective covers will ensure that all fine debris is kept out of the fully assembled engine during this process.

Trifibre will be exhibiting at the AP&M in London next week, but unfortunately will not be showing this product as the parts are too large for the stand!

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Airbus Sales Take Off

In August we announced that Airbus had successfully secured more global sales for their range of aircraft. In response to this, Trifibre have increased their own to production of specialised containers to cater for the uplift in demand.

Over the past several months, Trifibre have been working on a number of projects for Airbus and their affiliates which cover a wide section of the aircraft airframe. Consequently our R&D facility has been kept very busy working on new designs.

Our most recent delivery this week has been for a range of curtain sided metal containers that have been designed specifically to take a pair of dorsal fins for the A320. The containers, which are also fitted with customised metal pallets, are shipped to both European and Asian assembly plants.

Photographs show containers being despatched with “Dorsal Sample” to the customer – specialised trolleys, also shown, will then be used when production dorsal fins are loaded.

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Trifibre Flying High with Airbus

Following the continued success of Airbus Industries, who themselves have recently announced further global success, Trifibre have consolidated their own position by securing increased orders and demand from the Airbus supply chain.

As with the Airbus product range, no job is too big (or too small) for Trifibre, who are now supplying specialised shipping containers for a wide range of Airbus parts for both European manufacture and assembly centres. The addition of our latest CNC machines for foam and other materials have helped position Trifibre as a key supplier within the aviation industry.

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