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We custom design and manufacture Packing Crates and Cases to meet your requirements, the advantages of using Packing Crates include being a reusable, cost effective, environmentally friendly and recyclable packing solution.

A wide range of packing products are available, from lightweight storage Flight Cases and Storage Trunks for use at home or commercially, to Plywood and Timber Packing Crates.

Trifibre have been established for over 30 years and have consequently gained a respectable name in ensuring our customers valuable equipment is transported and stored as safely as possible.

Contact Trifibre today for any packaging queries or quotes at 0116 232 3166 or .

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Bespoke Packing Crates Are out of This World!

Astrium, part of the EADS Group, and a long standing customer of Trifibre recently requested a Packing Crate for the urgent air shipment of parts to Japan.
Upon further investigation, the payload was a little different to our normal requests.

A pre-programmed terminal was being sent to a client for the launch of an Orbital satellite. With this delicate payload in mind, Trifibre set about designing the most appropriate shipping solution.

A heavy duty ply crate to meet ISPM15 was designed, with front opening doors with TSA butterfly catches and provisions to bolt the door securely for transit. Inside, specifically designed polymeric foam pads were strategically located to cushion the load.

For special packing crates please contact us.

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Airbus Sales Take Off

In August we announced that Airbus had successfully secured more global sales for their range of aircraft. In response to this, Trifibre have increased their own to production of specialised containers to cater for the uplift in demand.

Over the past several months, Trifibre have been working on a number of projects for Airbus and their affiliates which cover a wide section of the aircraft airframe. Consequently our R&D facility has been kept very busy working on new designs.

Our most recent delivery this week has been for a range of curtain sided metal containers that have been designed specifically to take a pair of dorsal fins for the A320. The containers, which are also fitted with customised metal pallets, are shipped to both European and Asian assembly plants.

Photographs show containers being despatched with “Dorsal Sample” to the customer – specialised trolleys, also shown, will then be used when production dorsal fins are loaded.

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Safely in the Box

One side of Trifibre’s business that is often over looked is the supply of specialised crates and containers for shipping large manufactured parts and equipment to all points on the globe.

The manufacture of customised plywood crates is a cost effective method of transportation, often supplemented with specialised CNC machined foam inserts for block and brace as well as for impact and vibration absorption.

One of our regular clients, who ship specialised weights and measures equipment around the world, ordered this particular palletised crate for a machine being sent to the USA.

In addition to the simple bracing arrangements, the customer always specifies heated treated and certified timber for international export as well as waterproof membrane so that the crate can be left outside during shipping.

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