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Pick and Pluck foam for Waterproof Flight Cases

Trifibre now supply Pick and Pluck foam for most Waterproof Cases in order for customers to customise their waterproof case interiors as they wish for their tools and equipment. Pick and Pluck Foam provides ultimate protection for fragile equipment while in transit, this foam can also be used to organise and present different equipment and tools. For more information visit our waterproof cases page.

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Trifibre Waterproof Cases

Trifibre have a wide range of injection moulded cases available, designed to withstand some of the most extreme conditions. Our range of Waterproof Cases provide the ultimate protection from some of the main elements, including water proof, dust proof, air tight and drop tested.

As a result, these cases are ideal for a number of different applications, including photography, scuba diving, military, law enforcement, public safety, outdoor recreation and the protection of fragile medical and computer equipment.

Waterproof Cases can be further enhanced using our in-house facilities to provide a custom foam interior and printed branding.

We distribute a number of branded Waterproof Cases, including MAX Cases, SKB Mil-Std Cases, Challenger Cases, Peli Cases, Peli Storm Cases and Explorer Cases.

If you’re interested in any of our Waterproof Cases, contact our friendly team today on 0116 232 3166 or

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Trifibre Supply SKB Spare Parts

We are constantly improving our service to save money for our customers. Therefore, we have started supplying spares for SKB Cases, to help replace accessories on your SKB Cases without having to spend money on buying a brand new SKB Case.

One of our customers came to us, as two of his SKB Cases needed some catches to hold the lid and with SKB spare parts now available we saved him money by supplying him with spare parts as required. Read his comments below:

“Thank you very much for arranging this, they came in extremely handy for the end of our summer run and packing the kit away afterwards. I’ve included a couple of shots of our tech tower while it was being kitted out for the show on Saturday, showing SKB cases in place both on top of and also beneath the desk.” Simeon Dawes.

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Premiership clubs turn to Trifibre as they prepare for new season

With the new football season fast approaching, we have been busy building custom made flight cases for not one but 4 Premiership football clubs – Chelsea, Liverpool and Stoke City have all placed orders for custom made flight cases, while Manchester United opted for our IP67 rated Max Cases – a range of injection moulded waterproof cases.

If you are looking to protect your sports gear, or any other equipment, then contact us about our custom made flight cases which are available in a wide range of colours and can be printed with your team’s badge or company logo.

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