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Flight Case Furniture Project for Formula 1 Team

This project was to design and build some serious Furniture Flight Cases for the Formula 1 team Williams, Williams are one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams.
The flight cases were built separately to the furniture, The furniture was then slotted in to the flight case allowing the wardrobe to be transported from place to place safely..

This project involved 2 of our departments working side by side, to make sure the end result was successful and we met the criteria of a high specification:

• Handmade Bespoke Furniture
• Soft Close Hinges/Ball Bearing Draw Slides
• Spray Shop Finish
• Traditionally Joined Carcass Work
• Real Wood, Ash Components

The Joinery department used their skills and techniques to design and build the Furniture, whilst the Flight Case department did what they do best and that is to design and manufacture the flight cases. Once each of these departments completed their units it was moment of truth as the furniture was slotted in to the flight cases and it was a successful outcome as shown on the images. Another fantastic project completed by our dedicated skilful team.
If you are looking for some serious flight cases or even furniture then contact our sales team today on 0116 2323166

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Custom Foam Insert for Rifle/Gun Cases

At Trifibre we have the capability to carry out work of all nature. From custom made flight cases to custom made foam inserts. Our recent job was for a customer who needed custom foam to be routed to fit his guns and accessories.

With our highly skilled design team who have access to the latest Alphacam CAD software were able to design the foam insert taking customer requirements into consideration. After the design team were happy with the design they handed it over to our professional manufacturing team who used modern routing machinery to pocket out the foam, so the rifle/guns and accessories can be placed within the case suiting the requirements of the customer.

The customer was delighted with the custom foam and was happy to send us a picture of the guns and accessories placed within the foam as shown below.

If you are looking for a custom foam insert then contact Trifibre and we will make sure we pocket the foam insert to suit your equipment requirements. For more information please visit or give us a call on 0116 2323166.

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Premiership clubs turn to Trifibre as they prepare for new season

With the new football season fast approaching, we have been busy building custom made flight cases for not one but 4 Premiership football clubs – Chelsea, Liverpool and Stoke City have all placed orders for custom made flight cases, while Manchester United opted for our IP67 rated Max Cases – a range of injection moulded waterproof cases.

If you are looking to protect your sports gear, or any other equipment, then contact us about our custom made flight cases which are available in a wide range of colours and can be printed with your team’s badge or company logo.

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Trifibre Hits a Hole in One with a Salem & Senior Design

One of the world’s biggest golf brands, Cleveland Srixon, have launched an industry leading club fitting cart to UK and European retailers. The innovative rotational moulded unit allows full custom fitting for all golfers and gives the retailer not only the ability to change and adjust the shafts and club heads thereby enhancing the consumer experience, but also to have a visually stunning in-store POS unit.

Cleveland Srixon Golf’s creative agency, The Lift Agency, working on the new season’s POS strategy for Cleveland Srixon Golf, approached Harrogate based product design consultancy Salem & Senior to work with them to develop the new golf fitting cart to compete with those already available in the market.

Salem & Senior approached Trifibre based on a recommendation to help develop the club fitting componentry to fit within the bespoke rotational moulded unit. Foam parts were developed to locate 30 club heads and 40 shafts.

“Working with Trifibre was great, Paul Ellingham’s expertise in this field allowed us to really fine tune the design in a very short timescale. The key was to ensure that the heads were well seated to ensure that they remained located during transit whilst still showing enough of the parts to provide an effective point of sale unit.” said Paul Salem, Partner in Salem & Senior.

“The final design and product came together very well and in a very short period” said Paul. “Considering the complexity of the moulding and its fit with the bespoke componentry supplied by Trifibre we had surprisingly very little issues with the roll out of the first units and orders are already being prepared for a second delivery. In our industry finding great development and production partners is always a big win for us and we are looking forward to working with Trifibre on future projects.”

Paul Salem
Salem & Senior
Tel: 07977 210430

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Precision Required by Pole Passion

Trifibre, well known for their world famous flight cases, poly cases and exhibition equipment are not normally recognised for their engineered products.

Pole Passion, manufacturers of the “RPole Fitness” turned to Trifibre for their engineering and production skills to produce vital parts for their latest product.

The “RPole Fitness” is the only UK designed and manufactured free standing dance pole.

Two of the components – the tree section platform and the central securing ring are precision machined in carbon black MDF by Trifibre. The machined shapes include precisely located holes and slots, finished with chamfers – all machined using our latest twin head CNC machining centre.

With the recent additions to its capacity and engineering experience, sales outside the traditional core business continue to grow. For more information on engineered products and components contact Trifibre on 0116 232 3166.

For more information on the “RPole Fitness” and Pole Passion products and services call 01293 888200 or visit their website at

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