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Flight Case Furniture Project for Formula 1 Team

This project was to design and build some serious Furniture Flight Cases for the Formula 1 team Williams, Williams are one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams.
The flight cases were built separately to the furniture, The furniture was then slotted in to the flight case allowing the wardrobe to be transported from place to place safely..

This project involved 2 of our departments working side by side, to make sure the end result was successful and we met the criteria of a high specification:

• Handmade Bespoke Furniture
• Soft Close Hinges/Ball Bearing Draw Slides
• Spray Shop Finish
• Traditionally Joined Carcass Work
• Real Wood, Ash Components

The Joinery department used their skills and techniques to design and build the Furniture, whilst the Flight Case department did what they do best and that is to design and manufacture the flight cases. Once each of these departments completed their units it was moment of truth as the furniture was slotted in to the flight cases and it was a successful outcome as shown on the images. Another fantastic project completed by our dedicated skilful team.
If you are looking for some serious flight cases or even furniture then contact our sales team today on 0116 2323166

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