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Protective Cases

Protective Cases Manufactured by Trifibre Ltd

Trifibre Ltd are one of the largest casing manufacturers in the UK, with an outstanding reputation for innovative casing designs.

With a variety of Protective flight cases, poly cases, waterproof cases, plastic cases, aluminium cases, rack cases, tool cases and presentation cases on offer to buy online or to be made completely bespoke to meet your individual specifications, we can ensure that the correct casing solution is provided for you.

Bring your casing projects to our highly experienced, friendly team who will provide you with the utmost of attention and a bespoke design solution.

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The Range

Flight Cases
- Custom Flight Cases - Music Flight Cases - Audio Visual Flight Cases - Rack Flight Cases - Road trunks - Flexi Trunks -

Poly Cases
- Graphics Drums - panel Cases - Trunks & Boxes - Trussing Cases - Drum Kit Cases -

Waterproof Cases
- Max Cases - SKB Cases - Challenger Cases - Peli Cases - Explorer Cases -

Aluminium Cases
- Aluminium Briefcases - Aluminium Trunks - Portfolio Cases -

Plastic Cases
- Procase Series - Plano Cases - Advanced Series - Classic Series - SPI Series - Excellent Series -

Rack Cases
- Standard Rack - Foam Suspended - Shockmount - Rack Desks - Mixer Racks -

Presentation Cases
- Customised Plastic Cases - Aluminium Cases - Fabricated Presentation Cases -