Foam Engineering

Custom case interiors can be designed and manufactured for any of our cases and bags. Foam inserts offer ultimate protection for your items and are also great for product presentation.

A variety of foam types are used depending on the size and weight of the items it will contain.

Trifibre supply a wide range of technical foam materials that are used in a wide range of manufacturing industries.

In combination with our self-adhesive coatings and comprehensive foam cutting techniques we are able to supply in many different forms, including tapes, acoustic panels, laminated foam, filtration products, sheets, profiles, embossed, die cut parts, angle cut, CNC routing, gaskets and seals.

Based upon the vast experience acquired at Trifibre Ltd. we are now one of the market leaders in the design and manufacture of foam fitments for dunnage and material handling.

We can design and manufacture foam parts for our own custom made flight cases and containers, or to fit into any off-the-shelf injection moulded plastic trays or metal stilages.

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