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Chosing the right casing or packaging for you………….

Whether you are looking to ship goods, store valuables, or keep on top of your consignment stock. Selecting the correct type of casing or packaging is important to ensure you don’t over pay or under spec your casing or packaging solution. Trifibre aims to be able to provide the complete service at the top level of quality so that we can supply our customers with a product specified to suit them and not the other way around. Our team is always on hand to guide you but to get you started, here is a brief overview showing some of our solutions and why that product type could be the one for you.

Heavy Duty Flight Case – Our tough and rugged Flight Cases provide on the road protection for your valuable equipment. Manufactured with either 9mm or 12mm Birch Ply, Aluminium extrusions and Steel Recessed Fittings. Heavy Duty Flight Cases are ideal to protect valuable items that are shipped regularly by either courier networks or transport fleets.

Lightweight Flight Case – Don’t be fooled by the word ‘lightweight’ in the title. These cases are still rugged and built to last however these cases are built using a tough but lightweight plastic sheet material which is up to 50% lighter than its plywood counterpart. These cases useful when protecting slightly smaller equipment for example a projector, keyboard or sales kit that may need to be regularly lifted or moved by an operator or sales representative. 

Poly Case – When you have a casing requirement its easy just to jump straight to a flight case. There are many occasions however where a flight case isn’t really necessary and a fabricated plastic poly case is more than suffice. Poly cases are constructed using 1.4mm polypropylene and most specs are reinforced using a welded steel wire rim in the base and lid to create a firm structure. Poly cases can be strengthened further with options such as plywood lining and metal corners if the situation requires it. We regularly produce poly cases for shipping delicate graphics panels, dj equipment, mascot costumes, and tv screens. If you require a case for storage or to be transported in a trustworthy dedicated vehicle, often a poly case will do the job. They also make a great re-usable cardboard carton alternative.

Waterproof Case – Trifibre has plenty of options when it comes to this type of case. Trifibre is the approved UK distributor for MAX cases with most ranges available from our warehouse on a next day delivery. We are also an approved distributor of SKB cases in the UK and a seller of Peli, and Explorer cases. These cases are designed to last a lifetime. MAX cases come with a manufacturer 5 year guarantee, SKB and Peli both with a lifetime guarantee. Whether you chose MAX, SKB, Peli or Explorer these cases are certified IP67 and meet STANAG 4280 and DEF STAN 81-41 standards. They are exceptionally resistant to impacts, dust and atmospheric agents, which makes them suitable for multiple fields of application including safety, law enforcement, military , hunting and outdoor, boating, photography, broadcasting and several other sectors of the manufacturing industry.

Padded Bags – Trifibre’s custom made padded bags and covers are strong durable and reliable while also being extremely lightweight and cost effective making them a great alternative when a rigid solution is not required. Whilst Padded bags are not designed for shipping, they make perfect sales kits or engineers kits for representatives to carry with them on site and our covers are ideal for protecting valuable equipment from the elements.

Aluminium Trunks – Aluminium trunks are lightweight and robust. Aluminium is unaffected by extreme cold or heat, is antimagnetic and rustproof which makes them great for the protection of very valuable, fragile or hazardous loads during transportation or storage.

Presentation Cases – Customised plastic cases and aluminium cases are an ideal solution for use as promotional packaging, product presentation and sample cases. These cases are less bulky and have a less industrial aesthetic than traditional flight cases. This makes them and excellent marketing tool or useful storage option for sample items. 

Custom Shipping Crates and Containers – Trifibre’s design know how when it comes to protecting items during shipping has helped us to regularly develop custom shipping crates to provide the ultimate protection when shipping large industrial items. Our design and manufacturing experience has seen us produce containers for items such as aircraft wings, new car launches and simulation machines.  

CNC Routed Foam, Case Linings, and Product Housings – The internal specification of our casing and packaging solutions are just as key to the performance of your chosen solution as the outer specifications. Trifibre holds a variety of foam grades and thicknesses in stock and our team will guide you to ensure the correct material is used. Our cases can be foam lined and can incorporate multiple compartments and cnc foam routs custom drawn to perfectly house your item or items. Our in house vacuum form department also enables us to offer vacuum formed housings for items that do not require so much padding or for items that can be affected by foam. 

Rotational Moulding – Rotational Mouldings are inherently reliable, internal stresses are minimal and joints are eliminated. The materials are tough and resilient even under extreme conditions when compared to fabricating, fibre glass, injection, vacuum or blow moulding. For large quantity requirements of plastic mouldings rotational moulding is ideal and whether it be cases or a ventilation unit Trifibre can assist with your project from design through to manufacture.  

Vacuum Forming – Vacuum forming is a cost effective method of plastic moulding, providing low cost tooling and low material costs. Our vacuum forming techniques can be applied to a number of different applications and industries including medical, retail, packaging, aerospace and automotive.

Customisation – All of our cases can be supplied with custom options including varying specifications, screen printing and digital printing to show off your brand.