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Find flight cases for every need at Trifibre. Our tough and rugged flight cases are built with precision to provide the ultimate on-the-road protection for your valuable equipment.

We offer a wide range of standard flight case designs in various sizes, which are available to buy online, as well as large and small custom flight cases that are designed and built to your exact specification.

From heavy duty to lightweight options, foam inserts to wheeled designs, with over 40 years’ manufacturing experience, we are the leading supplier of flight cases in the UK.

Purpose-Built Custom & Bespoke Flight Cases

Trifibre custom flight cases are used every day by a diverse range of industries and our portfolio of customers includes well-known businesses and organisations across the UK and beyond.

We understand that off-the-shelf flight cases are not always the best solution, so our large and small custom flight cases ensure your purpose-built case will deliver reliable, robust protection for your equipment.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke flight cases, all of our cases are manufactured to order in our 70,000 sq ft UK factory and are built on decades of experience.

Using our in-house facilities, we can also incorporate custom features in the design of your flight case, such as screen printing, digital interchangeable graphics and vacuum formed trays.

We are specialists in manufacturing robust flight case CNC foam inserts, which are precision cut to provide full protection and support for your equipment.

Trifibre designs and builds bespoke flight cases with wheels, drawers and more for a range of clients working in music and entertainment, military, oil and gas, engineering, medical and science, motorsport and many other industries. To see examples of our custom built flight cases – large and small – take a look at our latest news.

Our expert team are on hand to provide any advice you may require. Our team offer good honest advice, in order to ensure you end up with the best possible bespoke flight case solution based on price, size, weight and application.

For more information or for a custom flight cases or foam inserts quote, contact our friendly sales team today on 0116 232 3166 or email [email protected]

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Trifibre have nearly 40 years of flight case manufacturing experience


Our flight cases are built using only the highest quality materials


Every single one of our flight cases is routed using precision CNC routing


All of our flight cases are designed using the latest CAD technology
Advice & Support:

Why should I use a flight case?

Flight Cases are the ideal way to ensure your valuable items are protected from damage when either shipping or storing. Ensuring you don’t have to pay for costly repairs and replacements or disappoint customers due to damaged equipment. Flight cases can be made to be relatively lightweight or heavy duty, with wheels, fork lift skids, access panels and power supply units so your equipment can be used without removing it from the case. From portable bars and workstations to protective shipping packaging the possibilities are almost endless.

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Manufacturing Flight Cases for Over 40 Years

Trifibre’s flight cases have been used all over the world to transport and protect some of the most precious items in a wide range of industries, from diamonds to highly sensitive medical equipment, high-end professional audio visual equipment and even the Webb Ellis Rugby World Cup.

A handful of companies that we have manufactured custom flight cases for include Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Fender, McLaren and Airbus.

Established in 1981, Trifibre has decades of manufacturing experience, ensuring that our flight cases are designed and built by experts using only the highest quality materials. Every single one of our flight cases is routed using precision CNC routing and designed using the latest 3D CAD technology, ensuring each is built to exact specifications.

Industry specific knowledge and experience

We’ve been manufacturing large and small flight case and industrial packaging solutions for customers since 1981 across a range of industries and sectors.

Flight Case Customisation: Foam, Wheels, Drawers & More

Benefit from complete flight case customisation at Trifibre. We have every detail covered, both internally and externally. Our flight case foam inserts, bespoke drawers and hard wearing wheels are all popular and practical features, plus we can brand your case using different coloured laminates and our in-house printing facilities. Flight case printing can be completed using a silk screen or a full digital graphic.

Heavy duty flight cases

We use quality heavy-duty steel fittings and aluminium extrusions. If the unit you need to protect is large, heavy and difficult to handle, we’ll spec your flight case accordingly.

Trifibre can employ various options such as an integrated aluminium ramp, extra heavy-duty castors and removable sections to help make your case easier to handle.

Flight case foam

Our flight case foam is custom cut using precision technology to provide the ultimate protection for your equipment during transit.

Wheels, drawers & other accessories

Flight cases with wheels and drawers are a Trifibre specialty. We can incorporate a diverse range of accessories and features into your flight case, such as doors, hatches, lift-out trays, pull-out drawers, rack mount fittings, castors and more!

Lightweight flight cases

We use top quality birch plywood in the manufacture of most of our flight cases, large and small. If you require a particularly lightweight and portable case, we may recommend an Astraboard flight case construction with corner wheels and an extendable handle.

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FAQs on Flight Cases

What are flight cases?

Flight cases are reinforced and reusable shipping crates that are designed to safely store and transport high value, heavy or fragile goods. The sturdy design of a flight case can incorporate a range of features, including wheels for easy movement, latches and locking for easy loading and security, or interior foam for customised support.

Music and theatre industry professionals rely on flight cases to successfully transport musical instruments, sound and recording equipment, and lighting. While the medical, military, aerospace and defence sectors all use flight cases to store sensitive equipment, ensuring no damage is sustained during transit. The practical design and manoeuvrability of flight cases means they can also be used as mobile point of sale stands for shows, conferences and other events

The design of a flight case, from the size and shape to its specific features, vary depending on the need but the manufacturing process is key to making a flight case that correctly supports the equipment it is transporting to ensure safe delivery to its destination.

At Trifibre, all flight cases are designed using the latest CAD technology and routed using precision CNC routing to ensure precision throughout the manufacturing process.

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What are flight cases made from?

Flight cases are mainly constructed from panels of plywood that are reinforced with steel corners and aluminium extrusions to make them highly durable. At Trifibre, the majority of our flight cases are made from phenol coated birch plywood, known as hexaboard, although we can also manufacture cases from a variety of panel materials including astraboard, plywood with laminate and diabond.

Hexaboard benefits from a rigid and hard-wearing finish. It is more resilient, can accommodate greater weights and withstand impact, making it ideal for transporting goods. In addition to its strength, hexaboard protects from moisture while also being a cost-effective material and eco-friendly.

The exterior of our flightcases are manufactured using only the best fixtures and fittings, and additional features are carefully designed for maximum usability. Steel corners are combined with aluminium extrusions to protect the flight case from bumps and knocks during transit.

Recessed steel carry handles are a key feature that ensures the handles remain durable throughout the life of the flight case while helping to streamline storage. Internal high-density foam padding should be added to a flight case to provide customised support and prevent the movement of equipment within the flight case.

For a more lightweight finish, a number of our flight case panels are constructed using astraboard. This offers a plastic alternative to traditional wooden flight cases and benefits from a polypropylene sandwich construction that is significantly lighter than hexaboard, making it an ideal solution where weight and manoeuvrability are key considerations.

Are flight cases waterproof?

Traditionally designed and manufactured flight cases are not fully waterproof as they are made using plywood, which may swell or warp if submerged. The riveted construction also allows for slight water ingress around the aluminium extrusions. At Trifibre, as standard, we use a birch plywood hexaboard construction to make our flight cases moisture resistant. We can, on request, apply an internal seal around the extrusions and corners to further improve a flight case’s water resistance.

However, we stock a range of fully waterproof cases from a wide range of brands, including MAX and SKB, most of which are IP67 rated, drop tested and resistant to corrosion. Our waterproof hard cases are the most reliable designs available and can be supplied with foam interiors.

How are flight cases made?

Trifibre’s bespoke flight cases are all designed and made in-house in the heart of the East Midlands. We are specialists in flight case production and have invested heavily in the right people and the right equipment to manufacture the highest quality flight cases on the market.

Our flight case design is carried out using Solidworks 3D CAD. Our flight case production process starts with CNC precision routing via a Biesse CNC routing machine, which cuts the panels for each case with precision and maximum efficiency. We also utilise CNC routing for cutting custom foam inserts to ensure a precise, high quality finish.

An Addison CNC double mitre saw is used to cut aluminium extrusions, again with a focus on accuracy and efficiency.

The product process can be completed with UV printing or screen printing to provide digitally printed logos or graphics and branding to the exterior of the flight case.

Read about Trifibre’s in-house machinery to learn more about our flight case production processes.

Where can I buy flight cases?

You can buy a range of flight cases with foam inserts, wheels, drawers and more from Trifibre, search by size, industry or product type to find your ideal case. We manufacture bespoke flight cases and can provide one-off designs, wholesale orders and everything in between. With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying flight cases, you can trust us to deliver a high quality product every time.

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