Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions

With environmental concerns at the forefront of many government policies and consumer thinking, it is more important than ever for everyone, including business to do it’s part in helping to shape a greener future. Historically single use packaging and inefficient shipping has been a damaging contributory cause to environmental degradation. At Trifibre, we are keen to play our part by minimising our carbon footprint and environmental impact whilst offering packaging and casing solutions that do the same for our customers.

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How Does Trifibre Minimise Its Impact On The Environment?


Trifibre recycles all waste materials that it can and has dedicated waste containers to separate its recyclable materials including aluminium, cardboard, plastics and wood.

Low Emission Vehicles

It is Trifibre’s policy that all company vehicles are low emission. Trifibre’s company car fleet consists completely of hybrid electric vehicles.


Trifibre works with suppliers and sub-contractors to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment through a quality purchasing policy. We also use recycled materials whenever plausible in our manufacturing processes.


We provide appropriate environmental training and educate our employees to be environmentally responsible.

Trifibre Environmental Policy

How Can Trifibre Help Your Business With Sustainable Packaging?

Reusable Packaging

All Trifibre specialised casing and packaging solutions are durable and reusable. In many cases our packaging can be repurposed for future projects.

Recyclable Materials

The majority of the materials used in the manufacture our products are recyclable and so do not have to be consigned to landfill at the end of their usefulness or life cycle.


Our design experience can help to produce cases, bags, boxes and crates that reduce the carbon footprint emitted during the shipping and logistics process by minimising wasted space, excess weight and wasted energy.

Brand Image

Environmentally friendly packaging can help to increase sales and improve brand image. Custom packaging can help by not just reducing wasted space and energy but also provide a great look and show your clients that you are a environmentally responsible organisation.

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