Rotational Moulding Services

Tool Design & Manufacture

A good rotationally moulded product should not only perform well but should also mould effectively and efficiently. We often find the best tools we run operate more cost effectively for our customers when we have managed or been involved in the design and manufacture stages of the tool.

Why chose Trifibre?

Out team has years of experience designing tools for our own products and our customer’s products. We ensure that the tool is designed in a way to ensure an even flow of plastic around the mould resulting in an even wall thickness and durability on the final product. We work closely with a network of trusted tool makers specialising in both aluminium and steel tools to ensure run times, loading times and unloading times are kept to a minimum which results in our customers getting the best bang for their buck!

ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certified Manufacturer

We’re experts in rotational moulding with over 40 years of experience. Our in-house design and technical team take your project from concept to completion, all being managed with in our 70,000 sq ft UK based facility.

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